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Dennis O’Sullivan


Dennis O'Sullivan
Dennis O’Sullivan, Data Center Solutions Operations Specialist, Eaton Power Quality

Dennis has over 15 years of experience in the data center industry. He joined Eaton’s data center automation development team in 2014 and, as Data Center Solutions Operations Specialist, is responsible for providing insight into the day-to-day challenges of data center operators and managers to aid in the development of new products.

Before joining Eaton, Dennis worked for Yahoo! for over nine years as part of its EMEA data center operations team, overseeing the build-out and operation of several data centers and numerous network point-of-presence sites. His other previous positions include working for BT Ireland as part of its data center network operations team.

PUE – When a perfect metric becomes the enemy of good data center design
Eaton’s Dennis O’Sullivan will examine common pitfalls in specifying data center infrastructure solutions and discuss the ways in which they can be avoided.