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Kjetil Ertnæs


Kjetil Ertnæs, Senior Advisor, DLE Consulting AS

Kjetil Ertnaes is managing director and senior advisor at DLE Consulting, a Norwegian company specializing in datacenter, strategy and management consulting in the Nordics. He is also a board member in the Norwegian Computer Society and leading the datacenter group for Norway for the last 10 years.
With experience in datacenter strategy, consolidation and sales/marketing for major industry players and municipalities, datacenter development & build projects and energy efficiency projects, Kjetil helps his customers to achieve optimal solutions for covering datacenter needs and to evaluate business models and sourcing alternatives.
Prior to entering the datacenter market as a senior advisor 5 years ago, Kjetil was head of sales and marketing for Digiplex Norway and secured Digiplex position as the clear colocation market leader in Norway.
Kjetil is currently working as an independent advisor in the Nordic Data Center market, and has previously worked with several Nordic datacenter consolidation projects.

Panel member
Panel discussion: “The Nordic & Baltic region as a growing force”
“In recent years the Nordics have become a hotspot for new Data Center builds, with giants like Google, Facebook, Apple and Yandex selecting to locate large scale new data centers here. The market also attracts increased Data Center establishment interest from the Colocation, IT System Intergrator and Enterprises sectors. Whether it’s for the existing infrastructure, reliably low ambient cooling, ecologically generated power, positive tax conditions or any other reason, It’s no secret that the Nordic countries have fought head to head to attract these news cases. How will the regional actors in Investment Promotion tacitly raise the visibility globally of the key regional selling points? What and at what level is the common approach?”