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Mats Andersson


Mats Andersson, Chief Marketing Officer – Lefdal Mine Datacenter

Mats Andersson joined Lefdal Mine Datacenter in 2012 as Chief Marketing Officer. He has an extensive background from the data center industry – both in marketing and product development. Before heading into the datacenter industry, Mats Andersson worked in the online gaming industry. Here he co-founded a Pan–European gaming company and headed up large international sales and marketing organizations.

Several key differentiators build up the unique value proposition of Lefdal Mine Datacenter. Norway and their region as location, low power prices, large local surplus power production, world leading cooling solution, low construction costs, natural EMP security, renewable power, large spaces with unique scalability, flexible product solutions and high ICT competence ensuring a high quality product and services.

Twitter account – personal: @matsandersson69

Lefdal Mine – one of the greenest, securest, Most flexible and efficient Data Centers in Europe

We will Talk about Lefdal Mine as one of the greenest, securest, Most flexible and efficient data centers in Europe. The TCO and the Location are unique. Rittal developed Special IT-Modules for a flexible and scalable solution for the Location with up to 30 KW per rack in Different redundancies.