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Seppo Ihalainen


Seppo Ihalainen, Managing Director, Ficolo Ltd

Seppo Ihalainen is working as Managing Director at Ficolo Ltd. Since cofounding Ficolo in 2011 Seppo has built Ficolo locally and internationally recognized data center partner. Ficolo is Finland’s first company focusing on colocation and is today one of Finland’s fastest growing companies.
Seppo has more than 15 years of experience in the ICT-sector. He worked as Head of Technology at TDC Finland responsible for data center and server platform operations in Finland.  He has also a wide international experience working as a Consultant for UNDP and a Regional Director at Seven Networks in Singapore and Dubai, UAE.

Company Twitter ID @ficololtd
Personal Twitter ID @seihalai

COLO, WHOLO and CLOUD Delivery

Cloud service providers are driving the demand for colocation growth.
Thus it can be seen that the datacenter ecosystem is changing:
– winners in this transformation are colocation and cloud providers. We know where the cloud are going…
– at the same time more traditional hosting and Managed IT providers are transforming towards cloud with strong dependency to colocation
Colocation providers “are becoming” Wholesale Cloud providers with advanced “Cloud Delivery” service portfolio.